General about Escalibro

Question: What is the main goal of the service Escalibro?
Answer:     purpose of the service is to provide the authors Escalibro convenient platform for placing his own works , as well as give the readers to read and communicate with authors the process of writing .

Question: What better Escalibro samizdat , etc. ?
Answer:     convenient interface , socialization and most importantly healthy and active community service developers .

Question: I would like to make a suggestion , report a bug, help the project?
Answer:     If there is a distinct offer, you can look at, there is already a list of ideas that you can vote or add a new one. If something in the head, or just the idea of ​​a box or " add button" , or any other error message , then three options : to write on, or message to users Polosuhin Ilya (root), Frolov Vlad (frol).

Question: Who's responsible for everything in general ?
Answer:     Administration Escalibro are Polosuhin Ilya (root), Frolov Vlad (frol)

Question: How do I register ?
Answer:     Go to link, enter the name of the future user , the password and repeat it , and e-mail address that will receive the alerts and news .

News , subscriptions, ratings

Question: How is the news feed ?
Answer:     Newsline is a place where you can get all the information you need. For example, signing up for a user , you will receive messages and posts about books that he added or updated . This also includes information from blogs to which you have subscribed (after registration automatically user subscribes to a blog Escalibro - news site). Also here will appear the comments left in your works or to your comments .

Question: What the subscribers and readers of the right of each member ?
Answer:     Subscriber List - a list of users and blogs that the user reads . It is from these events users/blogs will mainly consist newsfeed user. You are free to subscribe to and that anyone - it all depends on who you like to read . Accordingly, readers - is a list of users who reads this user (or you ).

Question: What determines the rating?
Answer:     rating depends on your activity on the site - the number and ranking of works , posts , comments, and your readers. The more active you participate in the service , the higher the rating on the table you will find yourself . Dare !

Question: How best to inform the readers that I was going to the sea, and the works will not be a couple of weeks ?
Answer:     Just write a post on his personal blog ( do not choose anything , when you create a post) - all readers , signed on you immediately get a notification about this news post .

Question: Over there's some news reports that it is and how to remove them?
Answer:     This notice of various events on the site - for example that you might have received a private message , or that finished working importer . To remove the message and move on posts , click on the blue cross to the right .


Question: I noticed an error in the author's work, as he tell
Answer:     very simple - to highlight a word or sentence with error, and press Ctrl + Enter. In the window that appears, you can enter a comment or how you had to write it (eg " Forgotten comma" or " nothing ").

Question: Where can I see who reads my works?
Answer:     yet nowhere , but in the near future , there will be readings of statistics for each book and website as a whole .

Question: I want to download their works samizdat or from your blog as it can be done quickly ?
Answer:     answer to this question can be found here.

Question: What document formats support Escalibro to download ?
Answer:     text loader supports the following formats : doc, docx, odt, txt.

Question: What do the tagging " Finished " or "Draft" on the works ?
Answer:     " Finished " means that the product has already been completed , and more will not be appended (maximum error corrected ) . Caution when upgrading such works , they will not appear in the news. "Draft" - means that the work is written and will be updated with new chapters or parts. Such works will appear in the news, if it is added at least a half a page .

Question: I want to read "Detective " size of 100KB , it can be done?
Answer:     Go to " All books ", choose the right filters "Detective " and tick the box below more about 100KB - 512KB , 512KB - 1MB 1MB and more .

Question: Why the name works sometimes clipped ?
Answer:     Length title of work is limited to 50 characters long , when importing existing name is shortened to 50 characters .


Question: How to add a contest
Answer:     Jump contests , para " Add an online contest ", and there enter the name of the competition, its description, and the rules of the contest end date , as well as to choose the method of judging (there are : the decision of the jury - they vote and choose who won , solving people and then the jury - people vote , and the best by this vote of the jury decide , the decision of people - people vote , and the best by votes wins ) . You can also choose a jury - from your list of subscribers.
After adding the contest - it does not immediately appear to users. Please check and administration approves it , and only after that it will appear for all users in the " Contests ".

Question: How to become a jury in the competition?
Answer:     Or create your own competition or contest creator must add you as a jury (you can ask him , for example) .

Question: How to participate in the contest ?
Answer:     After carefully reading the rules and descriptions , you write the desired product . Add yourself to his work - where it does not matter. For example , you can create a series of " Contests " and add there . Then you need to go to a specific competition and click the upper right " to participate in the" there and select the downloaded product in the drop-down list. After pressing " OK" - it will be added to the competition , after which it will evaluate the jury and \ or users . Remove product from the competition is no longer possible .


Question: I do not like the design of the website , there is a way ?
Answer:     Yes, go to settings themes for link, and apply any layout from the list. You need to be a registered user .