It's about what the movie has inspired me. And my appreciation to the person who leads me to this.


Today I can't stop thinking about the movie Artificial Intelligence. It is a really good movie. When I watched it for the first time I didn't understand it much. But I keep thinking about it afterwards and have more and more realizations inspired by it. I appreciate that I got the change watching it.

The boy David spent his whole life chasing for “the love from his mother”. The love for mommy is something programmed for David when he was born. He was programmed to love her for no reason. He told blue fairy: “Please make me a real boy, so my mommy would love me and let me stay with her”. It seems he wants to own his mother and mother's love. The happiest day in his life - “there was no Henry, there was no Martin, there was no grief, there was only David”.

What is David's “love”?

He wants to keep mommy to himself. When he met the other David in professor's lab, he destroyed the other David and shouted “you cannot have her.” The term “love” in David's mind, is possession/ desire. Whereas a more general meaning of “love”, according to Peck from The Road Less Traveled, is " The will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth " (Peck, 1978/1992, p85). The differences between desire and love, include how many parties are involved (one party in one's own mind vs. two parties in a relationship), whether spirit is involved, and whether growth is required (if it's an instant fantasy/ satisfaction or long term improvement/ growth with endeavor).

The future AI tried to explain to David but he was too young to understand. The future AI said “I often felt a sort of envy of human beings, of that thing they called spirit … Certainly human being must be the key to the meaning of existence … I thought it would be hard for you to understand . You were created to be so young … We only want for your happiness. David, you've had so little of that. ” “If you want for my happiness, then you know what you have to do.”

David had so little of happiness, because his happiness is created to be bundled with something called desire, which is meant to be instant and ethereal.

God created human and berried desires, similar to human created AI David and programmed him “to love mommy”. One is prisoned to the pre-written fate and keep chasing for something instant repeatedly, until one day they stop the pattern and set themselves free by facing the reality, accepting the imperfect/ordinary self and the corresponding pains, and thriving to change and grow. If choosing to stay in the loop and chase for mommy's love, one would necessarily need to believe in lies someone told you like blue fairy, or lies you told yourself “maybe she is special and she will stay”; if so, one would never be able to see the real love from Teddy and Joe, which has always been there by the side.

Chasing for something far away and untouchable, and ignoring the existence of love and spirit inside oneself, is the saddest thing in life. I choose to face the reality and myself, and jump out of the loop.

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